Supporting you as you support others

Keeping Well NCL is a staff mental health and wellbeing project that connects and supports the North Central London health and social care workforce during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Today's check-in

Hello, it’s Thursday 15th April and this is just a quick check-in to welcome you to the website and say a little bit about what’s been happening and what is coming.

One of the main things that I wanted to do today was just to say a little bit about the podcast we are adding, which is a really welcome voice coming from a senior administrative manager but someone who is really in touch with what the experience has been like for key staff during the last year and in this strange time, that on the one hand is meant to be an easing and a returning, and at the same time for many people is offering just as much strain and concern and uncertainty about what the future looks like as it is offering some aspects of welcome relief in terms of some of the things we can do again now. So we are really delighted to have this podcast and it is a preview of one of the webinar series that we are hoping to reschedule later on in the summer with a number of voices coming from the admin support services and corporate side of the NHS and social care workforce, where the work is less immediately visible than people providing clinical or care services directly, but where actually the work is absolutely central to our being able to keep going and keep working together.

We hope that we continue to see a rise in the number of people coming to use the website, to have a look at the resources that are there, we are really having a focus on the team and the organisation. We understand that individual care and individual self-help, or individual access to clinical services where they are available is really important, but we also know that teams and organisations can work to provide preventive and protective structures, so the more we can do to spread some sense of it being possible to work together to support mental health in the NHS and social care workplaces, and that is one of the key tasks of this Hub. We are also really pleased to be starting to see people use the Health Chat function on the website which does give a chance, not only to be helped to navigate your way round the website but also to be in direct contact with someone who may be in a position to help you should you need or want to find out about access to mental health services.

We are seeing the sun shine, we are seeing lots of people in the sunshine, but we also know that there is a long way to go before we start to understand what our working worlds feel like. And we are glad that the NCL Keeping Well project is able to keep keeping us company in that.

Staff in NCL ICS