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Keeping Well NCL is a staff mental health and wellbeing project that connects and supports the North Central London health and social care workforce during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Latest check-in

Hello, this is a quick check-in on Thursday 27th May, to say a bit about what we are hearing from our work across the NCL NHS and social care workforce, and to let you know what is coming on the website.

We are always interested to try and get a sense of what is on peoples’ minds, through our contact with you in reflective practice spaces, individual and group consultation, and through the website – what people are interested in and what they are feeling. The themes that have come through this week include thoughts about what it is like to return to the workplace, the experience of reflecting on the past year and the course of the pandemic so far, and, not to be forgotten in the current wave of relative optimism, bereavement. In a way, they all come together as part of a mixed picture of life for many of us at the moment; in the return to some of the old ways of doing and being, we are brought into contact with what and who has been lost, and perhaps now have the experience of a bit more space to think, which can mean that the impact of some of what has been managed starts to make itself felt.

Our podcast today is focussed on the experiences of people working in roles that are not defined by some as the ‘frontline’, and it chimes for me with the experience of looking back, recognising that just over a year ago, right near the beginning, we had a podcast from someone in a corporate role when we had only just started on this journey, speaking to the need to recognise the importance of each of our roles in the work we do. The shared impact of the past year on all of us is still unfolding, and we hope to continue to keep you company as the next part of this process unfolds – we know that connection, remembering, recognising each other and acknowledging losses are all things that will help us to gather strength, and they can only be done in connection with others.

On a sunny bank holiday weekend (finally) we know that there will be a range of experiences, some will be working, some having a chance to rest, and we hope that the space to reflect, to look forward and to mourn is available to you when you need it. 

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