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KeepingWell NCL is a staff mental health and wellbeing project that connects and supports the North Central London health and social care workforce during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Spotlight on: The Trauma-Informed Workplace

We all bring our own personal and professional histories to the workplace. These make us react to behaviour and situations in different, and sometimes unexpected, ways. Being ‘trauma-informed’ means understanding how our histories shape our experiences in the workplace, and is essential to staff wellbeing.

To find out more, join our introductory webinar Trauma-Informed Organisational Practice ‘at Work’ and our workplace wellbeing mini-course

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Black History Month 2022

Celebrating Black History Month October is Black History Month! Black History Month honours the achievements, culture and history of Black people. The theme for this year is ‘Time for change: action not words’. At the KeepingWell NCL Hub we recognise that our Black colleagues still face barriers to equal rights

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Stoptober 2022

Stopping smoking not only improves your physical health but also is proven to boost your mental health and wellbeing. Quitting can improve mood, and help relieve stress, anxiety and depression. Click here for tips and support with quitting smoking this October. For London-wide resources and further information on stopping smoking, visit

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Intercultural wellbeing support

Intercultural wellbeing support KeepingWell NCL staff wellbeing Hub is working with Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre to make culturally sensitive wellbeing support available to all staff working in health and social care in North Central London. If you or your team would benefit from support with intercultural issues, the Hub and

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Intercultural Wellbeing Support | Reflective Group Sessions

When we feel that difficult situations at work are caused by others’ perceptions of our culture or race, our feelings and frustration can feel really hard to manage or express. To support racially minoritized staff, KeepingWell NCL staff wellbeing Hub is providing dedicated reflective group sessions facilitated by therapists from

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Designing Long Covid Support for Staff flyer: A large fuschia speech bubble reads, 'Have you supported colleagues or patients with Long COvid, or experienced it yourself?', next to a 'Shape Your Support' logo in which a hand curves aroudn a fuchsia and a green overlapping speech bubbles, with a representation of a Covid Virus particle in the speech bubble.

Designing Long Covid support for staff

Have you supported staff or patients with Long Covid, or experienced it yourself? How can employers and managers best support you at work? KeepingWell NCL are developing a support webinar and resources for health and social care staff managing different experiences of Long Covid – so we need our staff

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ADHD UK Resources

ADHD UK – a charity set up to support those with ADHD or people close to them – have collated a number of helpful resources. These resources include: Podcasts about living with ADHD ADHD communities Tools to manage ADHD symptoms Supporting people with ADHD at work

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