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KeepingWell NCL is a staff mental health and wellbeing initiative that seeks to connect and support the North Central London health and social care workforce. We are one of a number of Psychological Resilience Hubs set up nationally by NHSE as a response to the pandemic. We provide support to all health and social care staff who live or work in Camden, Islington, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey.

November Spotlight | Supporting staff and their relationships

In demanding times, relationships of all kinds can come under pressure, and have an impact on our wellbeing at home and at work. Free, flexible, online relationship support is now available for health and social care staff, to support you when your relationships come under stress.

This service, provided by Tavistock Relationships through the KeepingWell staff wellbeing Hubs, offers up to six online therapy sessions for couples. 

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Reflective Practice Facilitator Training  

Reflective Practice Facilitator Training Reflective Practice Facilitator Training   Having space to stop and think is a critical part of being able care effectively and safely. Reflective practice is one evidence-based approach for achieving this. Are you interested in developing Reflective Practice? Are you curious about how services can be

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SleepingWell when working night shifts

We know that not all standard sleep advice will apply to health and social care workers who are doing shift work. This resource details some top tips from Dr Michael Farquhar, consultant in sleep medicine at Evelina London Children’s Hospital, specifically designed for shift workers. KeepingWell NCL have also recorded

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Online drop-in sessions for care home staff

The KeepingWell NCL Hub is offering sessions for care home staff NCL (Camden, Islington, Barnet, Enfield and Haringey). These will be an opportunity to: meet other people working in the sector in North Central London for peer support share resources and ideas to support your staff’s wellbeing find out more

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