Supporting you as you support others

Keeping Well NCL is a staff mental health and wellbeing project that connects and supports the North Central London health and social care workforce during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Today's check-in

Hello, my name is Lydia Hartland-Rowe and I am one of the leads for the NCL Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub. This is just a quick check-in on Friday March 12th to let you know a bit about what is happening on the website and in the Hub more widely.

We are hearing a lot at the moment about the changes taking place for many people in the NHS and social care workforce that involve adjusting to where we are now in relation to the pandemic, what the impact of the past year has been, how to connect with who we were and how we worked before last March, while also continuing to work with the current situation which is still compromised and challenging for many of us. At times it feels like there is some room for a bit of optimism with the spring coming and some sight of a return to the kinds of physical connections in the world that we have missed so much. But at times it also feels like coming out into a landscape after there has been a terrible storm and having to see the damage and get used to the new environment when we are feeling tired and battered.

Well today’s podcast is about the ways we have found to manage, some of which haven’t been particularly good for us. The unhealthy habits that may have felt really important as sources of comfort or a way of keeping going but might now have got hold of us and need some attention to find more sustaining ways of looking after ourselves.

We also hope that people will find other resources on the site helpful. The interactive chat function is now live, so there are practitioners there to be in contact with who can help you to identify the resources you might need. We also hosted our first webinar a fortnight ago which focused on Moral Injury and we are planning the next one which will be aimed at administrative and corporate staff voices and experience during the pandemic, with the third one focussed on sleep coming in April.

We know that the social care and NHS workforce across NCL is huge, 80,000 people in all, but we are committed to doing whatever we can to create a network of connection and support for mental health and wellbeing throughout this complex system. We can do a lot for each other within teams and organisations, and as a Hub we want to try and build a system that supports vulnerability and uses our shared strengths.

Staff in NCL ICS