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Keeping Well NCL is a staff mental health and wellbeing project that connects and supports the North Central London health and social care workforce during the Coronavirus outbreak.

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Hello, it’s Thursday May 13th and this is just a quick hello from the NCL Hub team to say something about what is going on in the Hub, some of what we are hearing from our contacts with you in organisations across the NHS and social care workforce in North Central London, and what is happening on the website. We try to make sure that the resources that we add and the events we put on come directly from what we are hearing in our work, so do get in touch if there is anything you’d like to see provided.

We have Hub staff making contact and working with a range of organisations across the ICS, providing a whole range of interventions from Reflective Practice groups to training webinars, consultations for groups and individuals, as well as email and telephone contact for managers concerned about how best to support staff. The website is also key to what we are doing, with a whole range of resources – and with some human contact either to help you to find what you might need on the website, or to find your way to services that could offer you support if you needed it. If you’ve got as far as listening to this, you will have seen the little ‘chat’ balloon that greets you and asks if there is anything you need help with – and we wanted to really encourage you to make contact and to reassure you that there are real people at the other end of the chat, part of the psychological wellbeing team that makes up the Hub, and that they really are there to help – whether it’s to point you to a resource that your team or organisation could use, or something for yourself.

The website, and the project as a whole, aims to respond to the wide spectrum of responses that we have all had to the pandemic and to what we face next. We do know that not everybody feels the same, and of course, we tend to hear about the struggles rather than what is going well. Certainly the themes coming through at the moment are more about the struggle:  anxiety about returning to work, anger, the impact of Covid-19 on work/life balance, loss – and some about how to look forward, finding ways of coping, developing self-compassion and self-care. One of the key things that we think is important is finding ways to notice how you are, as an individual but also crucially as a team. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, and it may be that one of the most important things any of us can do is find ways to be aware of our states of mind – enough to look after ourselves and others, but not under pressure to do so more than we can manage in the circumstances we work in.

So today’s podcast, looking at mindful walking and forest bathing, provided by someone with many years’ experience in mental health services, is linked with the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year, which is nature, and it is about a way of gathering oneself, looking after the mind and body, and finding ways to allow nature, wherever you find it, to offer some roots and solidity. We hope you find it helpful and relevant, and please let us know what else you would like to see the Hub doing. 

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