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KeepingWell NCL hosts regular webinars, trainings, and groups to help health & care staff build skills to improve their and their team’s wellbeing. 

We endeavour to host responsive events which adapt continually to the changing needs of the health & care workforce in the context of the pandemic. This means our schedule may change, so keep checking back here for our latest updates! We are always adding more events.

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Many organisations are keen to implement trauma-informed approaches internally to ensure that they care as much for their staff as they do for their service users. In practice, however, this can pose complex challenges.

KeepingWell NCL’s 75-minute recorded webinar and panel provides an essential introduction to Trauma Informed Practice ‘at Work’ in two ways:

  1. A succinct introduction to why trauma-informed approaches in the workplace are critical for staff wellbeing, retention, and high standards of patient care;
  2. A presentation from Camden and Islington MHFT Trauma-Informed Leads on their lived experience of implementing the model of trauma-informed organisational practice currently ‘at work’ in their organization.

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In this free staff webinar, KeepingWell NCL were pleased to partner with the Money and Pension Service (MaPS) to raise awareness of the importance of financial wellbeing. From making your money work for you to maintaining wellbeing during periods of financial uncertainty, this session offers practical information and guidance specific to health and social care staff in North Central London. KeepingWell Hub and MaPS representatives offer advice on what free support is available to help manage your money, pension planning, discounts, and managing uncertainty.

Watch on the KeeingWell NCL website

In demanding times, relationships of all kinds can come under pressure and have an impact on our wellbeing at home and at work. This May, KeepingWell NCL partnered with Islington CAMHS Early Years Service to raise awareness of the issues that can affect our staff at home, and how staff can support themselves and their colleagues.

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For many health & social care staff, the issues raised by the pandemic are leading to difficult conversations between managers, colleagues, and teams. How can we look after our own and our colleagues’ wellbeing when difficult conversations need to be had?

Watch KeepingWell NCL’s webinar to learn more about supporting staff wellbeing – including your own – when having ‘Difficult Conversations’ at work. 

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We know that instances of aggressive behaviour towards staff in health & social care have increased throughout the pandemic. KeepingWell NCL’s wellbeing webinar is an essential top-up for health & care staff. It builds on staff and teams’ psychological understanding of why these incidents can occur, and what is needed for teams and individuals to manage these incidents when they do.

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Feeling anxious or overwhelmed about winter pressures this year? Or simply want to be prepared to protect your wellbeing, and your team’s? Watch our webinar!

This is KeepingWell NCL’s fifth wellbeing webinar, free for all staff across North Central London ICS. This interactive session provided a space for reflection and guidance for health & care staff as they prepare for the specific challenges of this unique winter period.

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Watch our webinar where we will discuss the existence of multicultural Britain over the centuries and how it lay hidden and barely visible before our modern age, due to injustices and racism towards communities deemed ‘foreign’ and / or ‘other.’ This webinar will be presented by the Keeping Well NCL Hub and facilitated by Baffour Ababio, intercultural psychotherapist at Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre.

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Are you feeling stressed, overwhelmed or anxious about the return to school? This webinar invites you to think about your own and your family’s experiences of returning to school and the additional challenges of the last year. Ola Ajala, family therapist from The Keeping Well NCL Hub and Sam Parker, systemic family therapist, provide a space to explore and reflect as well as offer some advice and guidance on how to better navigate this time.

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We enter our health and social care roles and professions with a strong sense of duty and a desire to help others. But the exceptional challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have left us at risk of having our deeply-held ethical and moral beliefs and values violated.

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Everyone deserves to sleep well. Keeping Well NCL is offering a 75-minute webinar on how to get the most from night-time rest. The webinar will look at the natural biological rhythms and helpful thinking styles that influence and support rest and sleep, and will guide you towards self-kindness and key day-time and night-time behaviours that can improve your sleep.

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