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In these 90-minute workshops, the group will be invited into a shared online space, with an ethos of collaborative learning, where we will co-create shared responsibility for our learning together about this important and often under-explored issue. Participants will be invited to consider their own individual identity and position in relation to power, white privilege and black and ethnic minority empowerment and develop their own personal position in relation to anti-racism. 

Our approach holds relationship-based, anti-racist practice at its heart and is based on a model for achieving emotionally intelligent, critically reflective, curious conversations, in a safe space. Participants will experience a blend of learning approaches, including material for self-reflection and self-directed learning and an online face to face facilitated reflective group discussion space. 

These workshops will be running on the following dates:

31st January 2023, 9.30-11am

28th February 2023, 9.30-11am

28th March 2023, 9.30-11am

Learning Outcomes

These sessions will provide an opportunity for participants to:

  • Understand how our unique history and biography shapes us, each other and our culture.
  • Take ownership of our positions of power and privilege and how this is informed by other intersecting factors which shape our identity and how we relate to others.
  • Exploring the individual, institutional, societal and global levels of complexity and structural inequality which creates a culture of racism, oppression and discrimination.
  • Consider how to contribute to a revolution of allyship, which embraces the notion of actively becoming anti-racist in everything we feel, think and do, captured in a personal pledge.

Facilitator Biographies

Dr Sylvia B Smith is an independent social work consultant and Course Lead at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust.  Sylvia has research interests in compassionate leadership approaches with particular interests in anti-racist practice and leadership.  She is a coaching practitioner for health and social care professionals and hosts her popular podcast ‘Social Workers Matter’.

Jo Williams is an independent social work consultant and Deputy Head of the Interprofessional Portfolio at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust. She is also a PhD student with the University of Sussex and visiting lecturer with the University of Bedfordshire. Jo has a personal and professional interest in anti-racist leadership and practice and is part of an Anti-Racist Activism group for social workers. She provides reflective coaching, learning and teaching spaces to individuals and groups from a range of disciplines within health, education and social care.

“I really enjoyed the workshops. I have lots to think about now and things I want to do to move forward. Before this workshop I felt like there was a raincloud above me, feeling overwhelmed by the mention of racism and not knowing what to do about it. Now I feel brighter, I have a way forward, I have the words to use and I have ways to build up my knowledge and understanding. Thank you both so much”

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Topic: BAME, In the Workplace, and Leadership
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