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The Hub engaged with this project to further understand the needs of people going through menopause in Health, Social care and Primary Care settings, what support is available and what support is needed. 

We engaged in the project after a request from a male colleague in the social care sector. They approached the KeepingWell NCL Hub who wanted some guidance in order to support his colleagues going through menopause. Around the same time, the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust was looking at creating a menopause policy. We decided to join forces with them so our project could inform the policy.

The project followed the Experience Based Co-Design (EBCDE) approach thatwas developed by the Point of Care Foundation. This approach allows staff to work with service users to co-design services and projects.

We facilitated two focus groups – one for staff with lived experience of menopause and one for leaders and managers supporting staff with menopause in the workplace.

From the information in the focus groups, we created the following resources:

  • a ‘Touchpoint Film’ which drew out the themes of the groups and put a spotlight on the lived experience of staff and the issues they were facing in relation to Menopause and working life.
  • A resource pack with information about Menopause and resources available for both managers/leaders and people experiencing menopause. 
You can find both resources below. 

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