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Keeping Well North Central London (NCL) is proud to offer this free interactive, experiential workshop for all health and social care staff across North Central London. The workshop will aim to enhance participants’ self-awareness, empathic knowledge and understanding of the experiences of people from cultures other than their own. The aim is for this to form a foundation for more empathetic intercultural communication which can be applied to a range of professional settings.

This workshop will be delivered by the Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre. 

Who is this intercultural awareness workshop for?  

The intercultural awareness workshop is open to all health and social care staff working for North Central London Organisations. Following the workshop, the expectation is that attendees will share their learning and feel empowered to propose actions which will enhance intercultural awareness within their staff teams. 

Cultural and inclusivity awareness is everyone’s business and includes a range of skills that help people think, feel and behave in a way that leads to effective and sensitive communication with people from cultures other than their own. After this workshop, anyone curious about exploring their own processes, whether from dominant or minority groups, will be more attuned to the impact of their interactions and engagements with others.

What will be covered during the workshop?   

  • Institutional racism/domination/oppression: Participants will explore how people from minority communities cope with internal and external experiences of persecution. These will be framed not only within a historical context but also in the context of more recent events including the COVID-19 pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement which have heightened the visibility of injustices and their impact particularly among Black Asian, African, and Minority Ethnic communities.  
  • The social and healthcare organisational context: Drawing on case studies, the workshop will explore how heightened tensions and felt inequalities might be manifesting in your places of work and how intercultural awareness and sensitivity (or lack thereof) might be impacting staff teams and service users.  
  • Foundation for sharing learning and taking action: The last part of the workshop will provide a space for participants to start thinking about how they can share their learning and devise an initial action plan to enhance intercultural awareness within their staff teams.  

Workshop format and timings  

The 6 hour workshop will be delivered online from 10am – 4pm on the following dates:

  • December the 1st 2021
  • January the 19th 2022
  • February the 3rd 2022 
  • March the 2nd 2022
  • March the 23rd 2022
  • April the 28th 2022
  • May the 4th 2022
  • June the 23rd 2022
  • July the 13th 2022

There will be space for 15 participants at a time that may come from different organisations.  

How do I book?*  

Wellbeing leads and/or managers within your organisation will be receiving an invitation with a date proposed and asking them to nominate 3 members of staff.  If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else in your organisation, please discuss with your manager and/or Wellbeing lead.   

*Disclaimer: In the interests of fairness, we are offering 3 places per NCL organisation. We may also have to offer you a different date from the one initially proposed in order to accommodate as many people as fairly as possible.

Workshop Leads

The workshop will be delivered by one of the following leads:

Charles Brown

Charles Brown is a practicing Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, an Addiction Therapist and Clinical Supervisor in independent practice. He is a member of The Guild of Psychotherapists and an. UKCP Honorary Fellow. Charles is Chair of The British Association for Psychodynamic and Psychoanalytic Supervisors. Charles is Chair of the Race and Culture Committee at the UKCP Council for Psychoanalytic and Jungian Analyst College and past Chair of the Ethics Committee. He currently sits as a member of Executive. Charles is an Honorary Associate member of the Association of Individual and Group Psychotherapists (AGIP). Charles is a visiting lecturer at The University of East London where he lectures on the MA social work course. He is a Training Psychotherapist and Supervisor and teaches on several psychoanalytic trainings. He has published several articles and contributed to book chapters.

Kemi Omijeh

Kemi Omijeh is MBACP Registered Psychodynamic and CBT trained Therapist and Clinical Supervisor with over a decade of post qualification experience working in mental health as a Therapist, Clinical Supervisor, Trainer and Speaker. Kemi works currently works in private practice as a supervisor, trainer and speaker as well as working in large school overseeing pupil’s well-being. Kemi passionately believes that prioritising and normalising looking after our mental health should be on everyone’s agenda, as well as addressing the barriers to receiving mental health support.

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