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We all know that physical activity helps improve our physical and mental health, and has widespread positive implications in our personal life, family and relationships and work spaces. However, with NHS and social Care staff having very busy roles, scheduling in physical activity can be another challenge.

KeepingWell NCL have created a virtual Physical Activity Club for North Central London health and care staff, using the ‘Strava’ platform. This club is to help bring staff together to

  • keep your physical wellbeing in mind with suggestions and challenges
  • support you to keep working towards your fitness goals
  • provide an online community where NCL staff can support each other

Working from home or commuting into a work place, we can all incorporate physical activity into our everyday life and enjoy the benefits. No matter your fitness level, you can go at your own pace alongside a community of health and social care workers. Set your own targets or join challenges set by the KeepingWell team, encouraged and supported by colleagues doing the same!

See what your colleagues have been up to and sign up below!

What is Strava?

Strava is an app that can help you track activity (steps, running, cycling etc.), and link you with other staff members so that we can all support one another.
You can use Strava online via their website, or using their app which you can connect to a variety of devices.

How do I join in?

  1. Register for a Strava account at:
  2. Go to the KeepingWell NCL Strava group at:
  3. Set your own challenge or complete challenges set by the NCL team
  4. Post your activities manually, or link your other devices Strava to track your activity automatically: Garmin, Mapmyrun, Pedometer++, and Apple Health can all be linked to your Strava account
  5. Chat and comment on other staff’s achievements to help motivate the rest of our community, too!

Need some ideas?

Here are some possible challenges to set yourself:

  • Walk 1 mile a day
  • Walk 10, 000 steps a day (roughly 4 miles a day)
  • Walk for an hour
  • Walk for 30 minutes
  • Complete Couch to 5k (9 week running Programme)
  • Walk further on your commute
  • Try a different physical activity – log your first go at swimming, cycling, yoga, dancing

KeepingWell NCL may try to run some Strava community events in person (subject to COVID-19 restrictions). Information on events will be posted on Strava and communicated via KeepingWell communications.

If you have any problems or questions, please email

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Sign up for Strava:

Go to the KeepingWell NCL Strava Group:

See what your colleagues have been up to here:

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