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Moral distress is the feeling we experience when we cannot carry out what we believe is the right course of action due to real or perceived limitations on that action.

The ongoing impact on health and care workers of responding to unlimited need with limited resources can lead to “moral distress”. This can be especially difficult when we feel that our personal and professional values are being compromised.

At Keeping Well NCL, we are increasingly aware of how this may be experienced by managers who often occupy a singular position on the boundary between their staff, service users and the wider organisation. For example, they may find themselves defending unacceptable situations for staff and service users, stepping in to fill gaps at a cost to their own wellbeing and generally carrying the burden of trying to keep services running safely, often without recourse to the peer support available to their team members.

In this 75-minute workshop we will create a safe space in which to explore how the concept of moral distress may help managers to make sense of their experiences. This will be an opportunity to connect with peers and to think together about what might enhance coping.


Monday 20th March – 1pm-2:15pm online

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