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When we feel that difficult situations at work are caused by others’ perceptions of our culture or race, our feelings and frustration can feel really hard to manage or express.

To support racially minoritized staff, KeepingWell NCL staff wellbeing Hub is providing dedicated reflective group sessions facilitated by therapists from Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre. These sessions are a safe, confidential space to process and reflect on difficult work situations, organisational issues, and the feelings they evoke.

Some of these sessions explore specific themes. Given the current climate and multiple pressures e.g. cost of living, other sessions are open for participants to explore any topic that feels present in a safe and confidential space. 

Themed group sessions:

  • Islamophobia – Monday 24th October 2022, 11:00am-12:15pm
  • Micro-aggressions – Monday 13th February 2023, 12:30pm-1:45pm  
  • Antisemitism – Thursday 16th March 2023, 10:00am-11:15am

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Open group sessions:

  • Friday 18th November 2022, 11:00am-12:15pm
  • Friday 25th November 2022, 11:00am-12:15pm
  • Friday 9th December 2022, 11:00am-12:15pm

These sessions are open to all health and social care staff who live or work in North Central London.

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Reflective group sessions for teams

If your team would benefit from a reflective group space to discuss specific intercultural issues, KeepingWell NCL and Nafsiyat may be able to facilitate a bespoke event or group.

Please email to discuss your team’s needs.

About Nafsiyat

Nafsiyat provides accessible psychotherapy and counselling to people from diverse religious, cultural and ethnic communities in London.

Nafsiyat’s team is made up of experienced psychotherapists and counsellors from diverse backgrounds who are sensitive to the particular therapeutic needs of cultural minority groups.

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Topic: BAME and In the Workplace
Audience: Health and social care leaders, Health professionals, and Social care professionals
Who is this for: Individual and Team
Resource format: Activity and Workshop