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This Excel-based tool provides an easy way to assess your organisation against each element of the NHS Health and Wellbeing Framework. This exercise can help you to prioritise which health and wellbeing interventions to invest in.

We know that each health and care organisation is different, from a large acute hospital to a smaller Primary Care practice. Keeping in mind the unique context of your organisation, this tool can support you to:

  • Quickly understand your status against the best practice elements within the NHS model for wellbeing.
  • Prioritise areas to focus on for further investment, to create a culture of wellbeing for your people.

You can use this tool together with the wider NHS Health and Wellbeing Framework. The framework explains in detail why each element is important, what good looks like, and offers detailed guidance.

Read time: 60 minutes
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Topic: Staff Wellbeing
Audience: Health and social care leaders
Who is this for: Organisation
Resource format: Activity