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Reflective Practice Facilitator Training  

Having space to stop and think is a critical part of being able care effectively and safely. Reflective practice is one evidence-based approach for achieving this.

  • Are you interested in developing Reflective Practice?
  • Are you curious about how services can be supported to improve, develop and build resilience?
  • Are you interested in experiential learning that will enhance key leadership and people management skills?


At KeepingWell NCL

  • We are passionate about providing Reflective Practice Facilitator Training to our Social Care and NHS colleagues.
  • We aim to develop a Reflective Practice Community across NCL that strengthens Reflective Practice initiatives across a wide range of services.
  • We will support you to facilitate Reflective Practice Groups within a team or service which will support staff to reflect and make sense of the impact of the work they do e.g. the impact of their work on themselves and those they care for, alongside the wider team and service.

Reflective Practice is of significant support for the service/system receiving your intervention and thought. However, we know from experience, that it is often not best practice to tackle reflective practice sessions within your own team.  We hope that by developing and training a Community of Practice we can create greater capacity across the system to support and strengthen reflective practice in teams and services across NCL.

Reflective Practice Facilitator Training is an important way of engaging in live learning about the impact of team, organisational and service dynamics on providing care and services. In particular, Reflective Practice creates opportunities where we can learn more about how best to support colleagues and lead teams in challenging times.

Research continues to highlight that space to think and reflect is key to safer practice. The HCPC, RCN and CQC all highlight the importance of reflective space and learning from experience. Reflective Practice is also recognised in supporting issues of wellbeing, staff retention and safety.

  • Being trained to facilitate Reflective Practice (RP) groups, enables you to set up your own RP group and provide opportunities to support colleagues outside of your own immediate work setting.
  • RP Groups provide focussed space for staff members to reflect, observe, process and learn from their day-to-day experiences at work.
  • RP Groups provide a supportive space for people to explore and understand their interactions with others, clinical and social care decision-making, team dynamics and the emotional impact of work, amongst other things.
  • Facilitating RP groups requires a variety of skills, knowledge and understanding in order to provide a safe, constructive and space. These core skills are also central to compassionate care and effective leadership.

From May 2023 we will be delivering a 6 week online Reflective Practice Facilitator Training, to support participants to facilitate their own RP groups and to encourage development of a Community of Practice within NCL Health and Care settings.

Groups will run on a Tuesday morning from 9.30am – 1.00pm on the following dates:

  • Tues 9th May 2023
  • Tues 16th May 2023
  • Tues 23rd May 2023
  • Tues 6th June 2023
  • Tues 13th June 2023
  • Tues 20th June 2023


This short course is adapted from and delivered in partnership with Tavistock & Portman’s CPD training and is designed to equip you with the knowledge and skills to establish and facilitate RP groups.

A key aspect of this the course is a Learning Partnership Agreement between Keeping Well NCL, participants and their managers to enable protected time and support for course attendance and supervision.

To build our NCL RP Community of Practice, we will provide follow up supervision-work discussion groups for 3 months following completion of the programme. These will take place monthly online. Following the completion of the 3 supervision sessions, peer supervision groups will be self directed.

This training is delivered by experienced facilitators from KeepingWell NCL. Our online training is designed to be both engaging and reflective. We will use a combination of presentations, live discussion, experiential reflective practice groups and small group work.

We will ensure that all participants have key experiences of both facilitating and being a member of a reflective practice group.

The Reflective Practice Facilitator Training will provide:

  • a deeper understanding of the role of Reflective Practice within work
  • an overview of key principles, models and frameworks for leading effective reflective practice
  • space to explore and develop skills in reflective practice facilitation
  • reflection on core communication skills and their impact on group functioning – how do we enable all group members to have a voice?
  • opportunities to develop, review and refine facilitation skills through practice
  • a lived experience of group dynamics in practice
  • increased awareness of issues of equality, discrimination and inclusion within group work – key themes and dynamics
  • a safe space to explore challenging situations and responses in the work place
  • key focus on development – how to establish and manage your own Reflective Practice community.
  • how to address key challenges.
  • drawing on the strengths of fellow participants – how to partner and co-produce to build resilient Reflective Practice initiatives

Who is this course for?

All staff members working in NCL in social care and health, who are leading staff, developing practice and keen to learn about and implement reflective practice.

  • Are you in a senior position (managing or supporting practice development) where you are in the position to influence and develop care/clinical/wellbeing interventions to support staff?
  • Are you a skilled practitioner/social care manager keen to develop reflective practice within your service/organisation/system?
  • Do you have the potential to develop reflective practice in your service/organisation/system?
  • Do you have support from your manager and service to focus on reflective practice?
  • Are you in a Band 7 or above position (NHS) or working as a Team Manager (Social Care)?


Prior RP experience is not required and there will be regular sessions to support group members to bring key aspects of their work (planning, interactions, and reviews) and to experience reflective practice for themselves.

If you have any questions, please email us at

The deadline for this round of Reflective Practice Facilitator Training Course has now closed. We will let successful applicants know by Friday 14th April. We have 20 places to allocate on this course and places will be allocated according to the application guidance, particularly your ideas and plans for how you might use the reflective practice training in your work. There will be a waiting list once we are fully subscribed.

In allocating places, we will bear in mind the broad range of roles across NCL, and the needs of colleagues who have not previously had access to Reflective Practice training.

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