Download the resources pack for primary care

Text-based graphic, which reads: How are you, really?

All GP surgeries, community pharmacies and NHS funded dental and optometry sites in North Central London will receive a printed copy of this pack in the post.

You can also download, share and print additional copies below. It includes information for individuals, as well as guidance for managers and support for organisations, who are providing NHS Primary Care services. There are posters and cards for staff areas, as well as more details on finding appropriate support, when it is needed.

Here's what you can find in the pack 

1. Resources summary poster

This poster explains the different kinds of resources available to support you and your colleagues on this website. This includes support for: 

We’ve also created a new category of resources particularly with our Primary Care colleagues in mind:
Bitesize, where you can find simple and restorative tips and exercises designed to improve and maintain your health and wellbeing.

2. 'You are all valued’ poster

As part of our work to support our Primary Care teams, we are launching a recognition award, Valued, to celebrate excellence in leadership, education, inclusivity, service delivery and health and wellbeing. This poster invites you and your colleagues to nominate teams, employers and organisations who put people at the heart of service delivery. 

You can find out more about Valued and make a nomination here. Entries close at midnight on 20 April 2022.

'Thinking of you' cards

These cards are designed to sit in your staff area; they invite you and your colleagues to check in with how you’re really feeling, and signpost the free health and wellbeing resources that are available to support you via this website.

Campaign poster

Our bold and bright campaign poster serves as a simple invitation for you and all your Primary Care co-workers to explore the free and confidential health and wellbeing resources that are available to support you in your work and life. Please print this up and put it up in your staff areas. 

Guidance for managers and leaders

Putting the health and wellbeing of NHS people first is fundamental to enabling them to put patients first. It is as much about embracing prevention as it is about supporting people when they face challenges. 

Whether you are a line manager or a partner running a surgery, practice, clinic or shop, we have collated a range of resources to support you, as you support your Primary Care team. On this website, you can find these in our Support for organisations section.

These resources focus on:

  • A positive health and wellbeing culture
  • Preventative health and wellbeing interventions
  • Embedding equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Providing a clear, rational case for change

Download the poster below to let your managers and leaders know about this support, or share the link to our
Support for organisations section with your colleagues.

Download the full resources pack

Explore our online support and resources

From mindfulness sessions to quizzes, KeepingWell NCL offers a range of resources to support your physical and mental health and wellbeing via our new Bitesize section. This adds to the existing KeepingWell NCL Resource Library, which includes podcasts, workshops, practical activities and more, ready for you to explore.

Workplace and home challenges can affect all our health and wellbeing. And when they do, it’s more than ok to say you’re not ok: it’s a sign of strength and mark of professionalism.

Whether it’s tips to unwind from a day on the frontline or a referral, we are here to support you, should you or a colleague need us.

Stay in the know about our upcoming events and courses

Want to sign up to hear about upcoming Primary Care events, courses and more from the NCL Training Hub? Email to be first to know about new activities, or stay tuned to this website for more details.

All other enquiries for the KeepingWell NCL team can be made via the contact us page.