How to Improve Your Sleep – in Farsi

This information sheet guides you through how to improve your sleep hygiene and get a more restful night using CBT techniques. It is written in Farsi.

Coping with Nightmares

People often experience sleep problems and have nightmares after traumatic experiences. Nightmarescan be similar to flashbacks and are often caused by being reminded of the traumatic events either during the day or at night. This easy-to-read infographic developed by the Traumatic Stress Clinic summarises key things you can do to cope with nightmares and get […]

Black History Month webinar: Racism, stigma and fear: Barriers to accessing mental health

Watch our webinar where we discuss the existence of multicultural Britain over the centuries and how it lay hidden and barely visible before our modern age, due to injustices and racism towards communities deemed ‘foreign’ and / or ‘other.’ It is presented by Baffour Ababio, psychoanalytic intercultural psychotherapist at Nafsiyat Intercultural Therapy Centre, which was […]

Sleeping Well – How a few small changes can make a big difference

Keeping Well NCL are proud to present their second webinar for all staff across the North Central London ICS. Everyone deserves to sleep well. Keeping Well NCL is offering a 75-minute webinar on how to get the most from night-time rest. The webinar will look at the natural biological rhythms and helpful thinking styles that […]

Working Towards Wellbeing: Leadership, Followership and Mental Health

We have created a suite of mini-courses aimed at promoting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Drawing on expertise from within the Hub, each Mini Course delivers rich and in-depth learning experiences, with a clear, practical focus on the most pressing challenges and development needs facing organisations today. Each of the courses run continuously, […]

Creating space for empathy, compassion and learning

An article from the King’s Fund about a different style of leadership which focuses on compassion, empathy and learning is better suited than older, out-of-date models when dealing with the practical and emotional fall-out resulting from the pandemic.

Collaboration and compassionate leadership

Professor Michael West explores the links between compassionate leadership and innovation and discusses how we can ensure collaboration across boundaries in health and care. This video includes tips on how to remain compassionate during this time. Resource from the King’s Fund.

Sleeping through a crisis (COVID-19)

This webinar leads you through a guide on how to manage your sleep at this time. It will explain the nature of sleep and sleep mechanisms, go through sleep stages and offer tips on how to improve your sleep and sleeping habits. Wellbeing Quiz Profile: #MoreFrantic