Mental health for small workplaces – toolkit

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This toolkit aims to help smaller organisations promote better mental wellbeing in the workplace. Working for smaller organisations brings unique challenges – and unique opportunities. This collection of resources, curated by Mental Health at Work, aims to help smaller organisations to improve staff mental wellbeing. The toolkit includes:  A handbook filled with advice and tips […]

Free relationship counselling for health and social care staff

Supporting staff and their relationships In demanding times, relationships of all kinds can come under pressure, and have an impact on our wellbeing at home and at work. Free, flexible, online relationship support is now available for health and social care staff, to support you when your relationships come under stress. This service, provided by […]

Seeking Support as Health and Care Staff: Changing the Narrative

‘My mental health matters too’: a staff wellbeing webinar Thursday 21st April, 1-2pm, via Zoom Many of us working in health and care services feel we need support now more than ever. But when it comes to seeking support, we can feel worried about what this says about us as a healer, helper, or carer […]

Monthly webinars to support your Health and Wellbeing Champions

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Health and Wellbeing Champions are individuals who work at all levels of the NHS, from all demographics and roles. They promote, identify and signpost their colleagues to local and national health and wellbeing support offers. Alongside any support your organisation has put in place, NHS England and NHS Improvement are offering a monthly development programme […]

Implement Health and Wellbeing Champions to support your strategy

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The NHS People Plan 2020-21 sets out a number of ambitions to improve the health and wellbeing of its staff, and create a culture where people feel supported and well at work. This includes setting up a network of ‘Health and Wellbeing Champions’ across all NHS organisations. Champions will support colleagues as needed, regularly check […]

The Importance of Health and Wellbeing for Organisations – report

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This resource will help you define the case for a positive health and wellbeing culture within your organisation. The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the vital importance of supporting health and care workers’ mental and physical wellbeing. However, the response from health and care staff has also shown what can be achieved through working together. Multi-disciplinary […]

NHS Health and Wellbeing Framework: Implementation guide

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Practical supporting guidance for individuals and teams on assessing health and wellbeing for NHS people. This document covers: Evaluating your organisation’s health and wellbeing needs Making a business case for change Making a plan Communication and engagement Practical delivery guidance from evaluation through to delivery.

NHS Health and Wellbeing Framework: An organisational diagnostic tool

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This Excel-based tool provides an easy way to assess your organisation against each element of the NHS Health and Wellbeing Framework. This exercise can help you to prioritise which health and wellbeing interventions to invest in. We know that each health and care organisation is different, from a large acute hospital to a smaller Primary […]

NHS Health and Wellbeing Framework: The Elements of Wellbeing

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This resource illustrates the case for supporting staff health and wellbeing across the NHS. It also looks at some of the key things managers and leaders need to consider when creating a supportive culture. In the NHS Health and Wellbeing Framework document linked below, The Elements of Wellbeing: Creating a health and wellbeing culture, you’ll […]