Wellbeing self-assessment for health and social care staff

NHS England have created a ‘Check my wellbeing’ tool to help staff access their Staff Mental Health and Wellbeing Hub. The tool consists of a 10-15 minute questionnaire about your mental and emotional wellbeing. It is designed to offer you relevant information about your wellbeing and available support based on your answers. This may include an option to self-refer directly to the KeepingWell NCL Hub. 

The information that you provide in this assessment will not be shared with your employer. Your information will only be shared with the Hub if you consent to share it and self-refer.

Some staff may find this tool helpful to understand how they are feeling and begin looking for support. Other staff may prefer to think differently about their wellbeing, or discuss their difficulties with a Hub practitioner via out online chat, email, or a telephone conversation instead.

All staff are welcome to refer to the KeepingWell NCL Hub for a wellbeing conversation or assessment regardless of the outcome of their questionnaire. Please get in touch with us via our online chat or email our team at keepingwell.ncl@nhs.net and a practitioner will arrange a time to speak with you.