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Are you feeling stressed or anxious about the return to school? Do you feel overwhelmed about juggling care responsibilities at work and at home?

This webinar invites you to consider the transition back to school after Covid-19 related lockdowns and home-schooling. Ola Ajala, family therapist from The Keeping Well NCL Hub and Sam Parker, systemic family therapist, provide a space to explore and reflect on the impact on both young people and yourself, and offer advice and guidance on how to navigate this time.

Overall, this session is relevant for staff, parents, and guardians working or interacting with young people. The session centres around the experiences of health and social care staff, particularly the idea of needing to care for others both at work and at home.

Context note:

Because this webinar focused on the impact of lockdown on family and school life, some of the discussion may feel less relevant now. However, we know that many of us are still managing the impact of the pandemic and lockdowns in our daily life. You can watch the full webinar and access the resources if you think this may be helpful.

Alternatively, the Hub team has distilled some of the most relevant information from this webinar into a short, 4-mintue clip, ‘Creating opportunities for communication at home’.

About the presenters:

Ola Ajala is a registered psychiatric nurse and systemic family therapist who trained in the UK. Since qualifying as a nurse in 2008, she has worked across various settings including inpatients, CAMHS, EIS and a perinatal service. She qualified as a systemic family therapist in 2019. In addition to her clinical practice, Ola has provided clinical support, training and supervision to other health and social care professionals within the NHS.

Sam Parker is a family therapist currently working at Bethlem adolescent unit in SLAM. His role includes supporting teenagers and those who care for them to recover from crises and manage transitions. Sam also likes talking and sharing ideas, and is a proud father of twin boys.

Read time: 60 minutes
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Watch the webinar via YouTube

Topic: Advice: children and young people and Resilience
Audience: Health and social care leaders, Health professionals, Parents and carers, and Social care professionals
Who is this for: Individual
Resource format: Video