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We have created a suite of mini-courses aimed at promoting mental health and wellbeing in the workplace. Drawing on expertise from within the Hub, each Mini Course delivers rich and in-depth learning experiences, with a clear, practical focus on the most pressing challenges and development needs facing organisations today.

Each of the courses run continuously, so you can sign up at any time.

They each offer five hours of self-directed learning which you can undertake at a time and pace that suits you. There are no specific requirements or assessments for any of the courses: they are open to all.

You will have access to the course and its materials for a total of four weeks. Access begins the day after you’ve registered, when you will receive login details by email.

Working Towards Wellbeing: Leadership, Followership and Mental Health introduces the concepts of ‘leadership’ and ‘followership’ in the context of the modern workplace – outlining how positive leader-follower relationships can be used to strengthen emotional and psychological wellbeing.

At the heart of the course is the idea of mental health as a ‘continuum’ on which we all live. The course makes frequent links between the theories discussed and your own experiences in the workplace, in order to help promote your awareness and apply your understanding.

By the end of the course, you will have gained a deeper recognition of your own leadership and followership capacities, as well as the skills and confidence needed to create and sustain a

Who is this course for? This course is ideal for anyone interested in how attitudes towards ‘leadership’ and ‘followership’ can support better emotional and psychological wellbeing in a workplace context.

Course Lead and Contributors: Lydia Hartland-Rowe and Farha Choudhary.

Read time: 300 minutes
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Access the mini-course here.

Topic: In the Workplace and Leadership
Audience: Everyone
Who is this for: Organisation and Team
Resource format: Activity