Two years ago (25 May 2020), the world reacted with horror, anger and sadness after George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis by a police officer. We know that the pain, anger and sense of injustice is just as strong today as it was two years ago, and our thoughts are with our Black, Asian, and minority ethnic colleagues and their families. 

KeepingWell NCL Hub is committed to advocating for a more equal society where everyone, regardless of their identity or background, can realise their potential and enjoy a safe and nurturing working environment. 

Support for you

KeepingWell NCL is available to support staff members who feel they would benefit from a supportive space to share the impact on themselves, or to consider how they might best support affected colleagues. Please contact us our team at and a practitioner will arrange a time to speak with you. 

Supporting your team

For managers who are seeking to support their staff, our Wellbeing Conversations page contains guidance on having or starting conversations with staff about their wellbeing.

Organisational change

Keeping Well North Central London (NCL) is proud to offer a free, interactive, experiential Intercultural Awareness Workshops for all health and social care staff across North Central London. These cultural competency trainings are aimed at helping staff to make strategic changes to promote intercultural awareness and practice within health and care organisations.

The six-hour experiential workshop aims to develop participants’ self-awareness and awareness of experiences of institutional racism and oppression, in order to enhance empathetic intercultural communication and apply this in a range of health and care settings. Our intention is that attendees will go on to share their learning and feel empowered to propose actions to enhance intercultural awareness within their teams and organisations.

Find out more about the workshops here or book below: