Beat the Winter Blues

Quick tips for HR and leadership teams to support your workforce through this difficult season, as well as a list of useful links and resources. Resource from Westfield Health.

Leading teams virtually

Practical guidance on how to lead teams virtually and how to recreate the connections, trust and energy of the past, manage performance or have difficult conversations online. A resource from the King’s Fund.

Leading in a crisis starts with acknowledging your own feelings

A resource about the differing feeling states experienced by leaders throughout the COVID-19 crisis and how acknowledging their own feelings has helped them to connect in a deeper way to themselves and others to regain strength, focus and clarity of thought, developed by the King’s Fund.

Guidance for planners of the psychosocial response to stress experienced by hospital staff associated with COVID: Early Interventions

The COVID Trauma Response Working Group have developed guidance to inform planners, managers and team leaders of the organisational and psychological processes which are likely to be helpful, or unhelpful, in supporting staff during the early stages of the response to COVID. The guidance has been collated from research, best practice guidelines and expert clinical […]

Leading through Covid-19: supporting health and care leaders in unprecedented times

This King’s Fund webpage provides support to health and care leaders in the NHS, social care, public health or the voluntary and independent sector. Resources include quick-read practical guides and videos tailored to meet the needs of leaders at this time when the health and care system in the United Kingdom is facing a huge […]