Managing Worry – in Arabic

This booklet guides you through how to manage and cope with your worries and anxiety using CBT techniques. It is written in Arabic.

Using Special Place Imagery

When experiencing difficult emotions, it can be helpful to imagine a ‘special place’ which gives you a feeling of calm and safety. This PDF guides you through how to do this.

Using Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Working our way down the body, tensing and relaxing each muscle can help us manage anxious thoughts and calm a worry mind. It can also help with getting a restful night sleep. This PDF guides you through how to use this technique.

Controlled Breathing Exercise to Help with Anxiety

Controlled breathing, also called square breathing, can be helpful when feeling stressed, as it helps toslow the breathing down. This easy-to-read infographic from the Traumatic Stress Clinic guides you through practical steps to to control your breathing to help you cope when you feel stressed.

The Importance of Building Connections and Seeking Help

Kulbir Sandhu, Communications Lead for the Keeping Well NCL Hub, shares his thoughts as part of World Mental Health Day, which takes place on Sunday 10 October. He talks about his lockdown experience over the past year and how he’s navigated this testing time.

Re-establishing Routine as a Way of Coping with Change

A podcast on how we can re-establish routines as a way of coping with change and managing uncertainty, including reflections and practical guidance on how we can implement this. Debbie Bell is an Assistant Psychologist within the Keeping Well NCL Hub. She is also a competitive powerlifter and enjoys having a routine to keep on […]

Mindful Walking in Nature

Resource description: Angela Bagum, Mental Health Nurse and Clinical Work Focused Practitioner at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust looks at mindful walking and forest bathing, linked with the theme for Mental Health Awareness Week this year, which is nature, and it is about a way of gathering oneself, looking after the mind and body, […]

Everyone Needs Support

Resource description: Abi Concannon is a new member of staff working within Keeping Well NCL. Elsewhere she works as senior lecturer/cohort director for the NHS Leadership Academy’s Elizabeth Garret Anderson programme and as a 1-1 facilitator on the Practice Supervisor Development Programme at the Tavistock and Portman. Abi’s podcast emphasises the importance of everybody, recognising […]

DBT Distress tolerance: Mindfulness of thoughts

Dr Paul Boyden (Senior Clinical Psychologist) talks about how we can be mindful of our thoughts, notice them, try not to get caught up with our tricky mind’s storytelling, and to turn our attention back to the here and now.